Lisa Demmi, author, speaker, social mediaHi! I’m Lisa Demmi. 

You may never have heard of me. That’s ok. I’m not here for exposure but really to connect, share stories and possibly entertain you every now and then.

Who am I? Fair question.

I’m  just your every day marketing firm owner who likes to build relationships, give away advice for free and share past experiences, music, knowledge and pictures. Sound familiar? I’m like you probably.

So why am I here? Also a good question!

I’m here because I have a need to learn, share and connect and the Internet gives me the access to do so. I’m not gonna hit and run you but I do hope to create some new relationships here and share some cool info whether it be good new music, photographers I just have to check out or great experiences we can all learn from. If that sounds good, great! If not, no problem.

Let’s just see what happens and go from there!